Mayor and City Commission Monday, October 17, Pass/Fail

Mayor and City Commission Monday, October 17, Pass/Fail

Mayor and City Commission Monday, October 17, Pass/Fail

West Palm Beach City Commission Meeting Approvals and Decisions

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (10-18-2022) – Below is a summary of the approvals and decisions made by the City Commission meeting on Monday, October 17, 2022.

MAYOR’S OFFICE – Proclaimed October 21, 2022 to October 28, 2022 as Mobility Week in the City of West Palm Beach.

Mobility Week, Kevin Volbrecht, Penni Redford, Mayor Keith A. James

Mobility Week Proclamation, from left, Kevin Volbrecht, Director of Engineering Services, Penni Redford, Manager of Resiliency and Climate Change, and Mayor Keith A. James.

Approved a resolution for a $100,000 Building Improvement Grant through the Economic Development Division for Electriq Power make improvements at 625 North Flagler Drive, Suite 1003.  

DEVELOPMENT SERVICES –  Approved a ordinance on first reading after a public hearing, to enter into an agreement with the School Board of Palm Beach County to designate four buildings on Dreyfoos School of the Arts as historic, allow the sale and transfer the development rights to the City’s Downtown Master Plan program, and enter into a long-term lease agreement for use of a portion of the former municipal Golf Course parking lot for use by Forest Hill Community High School; approved an ordinance after a second public hearing and reading to amend the Future Land Use (FLU) map changing the zoning for a 21-acre site at 7629 South Dixie Highway from Commercial ( C ) to Commercial East (CE), which is consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan; continued a public hearing and resolution for a dock and boatlift at 234 Arlington Road.    

ENGINEERING – Approved a resolution granting an aerial easement to Jack “The Bike Man” Inc., for a minor expansion at 426 Claremore Drive; approved a revocable permit and license to FPL to place an underground line beneath the M Canal.

FINANCE – Approved a resolution to refund the $37 million Special Obligation Bond, Series 2016B, and purchase a new issue at a lower rate that is projected to save the City $2.9 million.

PARKS & RECREATION – Approved a resolution appropriating $31,364 for the State of Florida Department of Health Child Care Food Program to provide snacks for after school programs at the Gaines Park Community Center and South Olive Community Center; approved a resolution approving the design features for the Howard Park Tennis Courts and Tennis Center;

PUBLIC UTILITIES – Approved a resolution accepting a Florida Department of Environmental Protection Resilient Florida Grant for $192,475 for the City-wide Vulnerability Assessment analysis.

For the complete list of approvals and decisions made at the October 17, 2022 City Commission meeting, click here for the pass/fail agenda.

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