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What Recruits Are Saying: Governor Ron DeSantis Announces More Than 1,750 Bonuses Awarded to New Law Enforcement Recruits

What Recruits Are Saying: Governor Ron DeSantis Announces More Than 1,750 Bonuses Awarded to New Law Enforcement Recruits

What Recruits Are Saying: Governor Ron DeSantis Announces More Than 1,750 Bonuses Awarded to New Law Enforcement Recruits

More than 530 People from 48 States and U.S. Territories Relocate to Florida to Become Law Enforcement Officers

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that Florida has awarded more than 1,750 bonuses to newly employed law enforcement recruits through the Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Program. To date, 530 law enforcement recruits from 48 states and U.S. territories have relocated to Florida, including more than 200 from California, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania. Each of the more than 1,750 law enforcement officers have received a $5,000 bonus after taxes, bringing the total amount awarded though the program to more than $11.8 million to-date.


What Recruits Are Saying:


Davey, Clermont Police Department, relocated from New York

“After working in the NYPD for 17 years, I began to feel as if the city I served no longer supported my efforts. I decided to look into relocating my family and practicing law enforcement elsewhere. I began the process for my transition to the Clermont Police Department long before the law enforcement sign on bonus was offered. I was relieved by the news of this bonus as It carried a message that was very reassuring- law enforcement were welcome and embraced here in the state of Florida! I am happy to say that in July of last year I moved to Florida and joined the Clermont Police Department soon after. As my family and I begin our new life here in Florida, I am proud to say that our first mortgage payment was paid with the bonus money I received from a state that truly supports its officers! My family and I are grateful for this blessing as it has made us feel welcome and has affirmed our decision to move.”


Rob, Clermont Police Department, relocated from New York

“New York’s over-taxation is burdensome and pays for failed policies that have led to both a dramatic increase in crime and decrease in quality-of-life. The cost of living in Florida and weather is also important! Despite 25 years and four promotions at the NYPD, the choice of moving to Florida was an easy one. The people and the government in Florida are far more appreciative and supportive of law enforcement. Governor DeSantis’s call is being heard and I was happy to make the move. The process of going into law enforcement is relatively easy for out-of-state officers and the Clermont Police Department was incredibly supportive and understanding of the challenges faced by the move. Despite all that, moving was incredibly expensive and the bonus was crucial in easing that burden. It is much appreciated.”


Jason, Clermont Police Department, relocated from New Jersey

“When I decided I no longer wanted to live in NJ, there were many factors that played into the move. Including career decisions, life goals, and most importantly the schooling curriculum up north.  I no longer wanted to work in a state that did not support law enforcement and could not handle the way the school systems were changing their curriculum for my kids.  Ultimately, moving to Florida was a decision to better not only myself and my career but to give my family a better life.  The $5000 recruitment bonus that was given, was something that helped relieve the financial stress of relocating to another State.  Especially after paying for the EOT course and other trips down for medical, physical assessment, and interviews it was a financial relief.  Having a Governor that genuinely cares for his states first responders is something I was not used to working in NJ for the last 9 years.  It really makes it easier when you know the work you do on a daily basis is actually appreciated at the highest level.  I look forward to my career in the City of Clermont and being a resident of this great State.”


Kevin, Bradenton Police Department, Relocated from New York

“My name is Kevin Williams. In September 2022, I was hired as a Police Officer with the Bradenton Police Department.  My family and I are extremely gracious and blessed to obtain the Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus as our relocation from New York to Florida was expeditious. The bonus assisted us in many ways including offsetting relocation fees and more importantly, giving us peace of mind by reaffirming our decision to relocate.  In addition to the bonus, the great state of Florida has offered us so much opportunity including the Step Up for Children tuition program and an education system that has truly set our children up for success. I believe that my nearly 20 years of experience and training in emergency service ranging from a volunteer Firefighter/Fire Chief, Emergency Medical Technician, career NYC Fire Dispatcher and NYC Police Officer in the Counterterrorism Bureau will benefit the Bradenton Police Department and more importantly, Floridians. Once again from the Williams Family, THANK YOU!”


Daniel, Clermont Police Department, relocated from Virginia

“My wife and I have always planned to move to Florida from Virginia eventually, but the recruitment bonus made this the right time to make the move. I worked for the Newport News Police Department in Virginia for five years. I enjoyed it there and discovered my passion for law enforcement. My wife and I have always planned to move to Florida from Virginia eventually, but the recruitment bonus made this the right time to make the move. We were able to move 800 miles away and purchase a home much more comfortably with the recruitment bonus, especially with the federal taxes already built in to the bonus. I’m looking forward to continuing my law enforcement career in Clermont, Florida.”


Philip, Clermont Police Department

“I have always wanted to be a Police Officer in the state of Florida. I have always lived in Florida and have only visited other states through traveling. During my process of becoming a Law Enforcement Officer I had to attend a academy where I was offered a job at Clermont Police Department. During this process it was a blessing to receive a $5,000 dollar bonus from the state. This bonus allowed for me to put a down payment on a vehicle I have wanted for quite some time. With my old vehicle breaking on me this $5,000 dollar bonus was a real life saver. The bonus also directly affected my ability to get a jump start on building up a investment account for later down the line.”


Bailey, Clermont Police Department

“This bonus has positively impacted me because I have a child on the way and this bonus has granted me the opportunity to fully furnish his room as well as get him clothing and supplies that will help care for him for the first year of his life. Without this bonus, I would have to find alternate ways to acquire a crib and stroller for my baby as well as struggle to pay the hospital bills. Thanks to this bonus, these expenses have been taken care of in advance allowing me to focus on developing my understanding and skillset in this new career. I am thankful for this bonus as well as the department for granting me this opportunity to better provide for my family as it begins to grow, with my new career in law enforcement.”


Kyle, Clermont Police Department

“The state of Florida continues to show its appreciation for law enforcement. This is done through programs that assist with housing, training… The latest one is the recruiting bonus that the State of Florida provides new hire officers from within and outside of the state. This $5,000 USD bonus assists officers out of state with funding to help relocate to Florida and give officers within the state the ability to move around. I have benefitted from this recruitment bonus by reinvesting in myself to help further assist those I serve in the City of Clermont. In addition, I applied some of my bonus towards equipment and planned to reinvest it within local businesses. With these funds, I was also able to offset some costs of the academy in terms of transportation costs. This bonus is a significant commitment to invest in the future for those who serve in law enforcement in the State of Florida. As well as, a great recruiting tool to bring those with experience from out of state to better serve the constantly changing community in Florida.”


Joe, Longboat Key Police Department, relocated from Maryland

“The main reasons I relocated to the State of Florida was for the quality of life and the backing for law enforcement professionals. The 5,000 dollar bonus did take some of the stress from moving from up north down to Florida. The bonus helped with renting the U-Haul and other little necessities along the way.”


Emmanuel, Bradenton Police Department

“I had recently returned back home from an overseas deployment and immediately placed myself into a self sponsored Police Academy. One of my biggest concerns I had was getting picked up by an Agency and taking care of my finances. Bradenton Police Dept was one of the first agencies that came by our Academy and were extremely easy to work with during the hiring process. Soon enough, I found myself graduating in the Bradenton Police Dept’s Class A uniform and receiving a 5K Bonus from the Florida House Bill which helped to clean up some of my finances post Academy. I am proud to be a Law Enforcement Officer within the State of Florida and I am glad to have taken this opportunity to pursue this career path when most others won’t. I would like to thank Governor DeSantis for passing the Florida House Bill and giving those who are wishing to pursue Law Enforcement as a career path, a helping hand to reach their goals and serve their communities.” 


Brett, Longboat Key Police Department, relocated from Ohio

“The bonus helps with some of the cost of moving across the country.”


For more information about the Florida Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Payment Program, visit



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