Local Water Guy Ready to Serve the Treasure Coast

Local Water Guy Ready to Serve the Treasure Coast

Local Water Guy Ready to Serve the Treasure Coast

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Eastern Water and Health, a local water filtration company in Port St Lucie, is ready to serve the Treasure Coast with clean, healthy water.

PORT ST LUCIE, FLORIDA, USA , November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eastern Water and Health, a leading provider of residential and commercial water filtration services based in Port St Lucie, Florida, today announced its expansion to provide services throughout the entire Treasure Coast region. Eastern Water and Health has built its reputation through reliable service and high-quality solutions for homes and businesses in the Port St Lucie area. The business is now ready to serve the broader Treasure Coast community with its full suite of water filtration offerings.

The expansion introduces Eastern Water and Health services to customers across St. Lucie, Martin and Indian River counties. Business owner expressed his enthusiasm, stating “We have been proud to serve the Port St Lucie community. However, we recognize clean, safe water should not end at any county line. It is time to extend our commitment to water quality throughout the Treasure Coast.”

As part of its expansion, Eastern Water and Health is adding a team of local water treatment specialists to service the Fort Pierce and Stuart areas. This will allow the company to provide rapid response for water emergencies and professional installation of filtration systems regionwide. Customers across the Treasure Coast will now have access to Eastern Water and Health’s full lineup of water filtration solutions. This includes whole house and point-of-entry water filters, filtration for municipal and well water sources, water softeners, and ultraviolet and reverse osmosis systems.

Eastern Water and Health’s expansion aligns with its dedication to water safety, health, and sustainability across the Treasure Coast. The region faces water challenges such as hard water, impurities from municipal supplies and pollutants entering local aquifers. These issues not only affect consumption but can damage household appliances and plumbing over time. By extending its presence, Eastern Water and Health aims to offer more homeowners and businesses protection through advanced filtration technologies. This supports the overall quality of life and long-term infrastructure throughout St. Lucie, Martin and Indian River counties.

The expansion marks an important milestone for a company with a fifteen-year history of service in Port St Lucie. Eastern Water and Health looks forward to introducing its high-quality solutions to new communities throughout the Treasure Coast region. Customers in Fort Pierce, Stuart and beyond can now rely on the business as their trusted local resource for resolving water issues large and small. Eastern Water and Health remains committed to its founding principles of superior service, environmental responsibility and empowering healthier, safer water for the entire Treasure Coast community.

While Eastern Water and Health has helped countless homes and businesses in Port St. Lucie with their water filtration needs, the company recognized an opportunity to extend its services to more of the Treasure Coast area. As part of their research, they found water quality issues extend beyond municipal borders. Hard water plumping problems and the need for filtration are prevalent throughout St. Lucie, Martin, and Indian River Counties.

To address these regional concerns, Eastern Water and Health has hired and trained additional technicians certified to evaluate the unique water conditions in each local area. With a broader coverage area, the company can now dispatch service calls more quickly to anywhere on the Treasure Coast. Their expertise also allows them to recommend the specific filtration solutions best tailored to local water sources.

Eastern Water and Health’s expansion will be supported by additional warehouse facilities. A new location in Stuart will stock the full portfolio of products and equipment offered. This ensures quick shipment of replacement filters or repair parts for faster job completion.

Larger commercial installations across the region will also benefit from the expanded resources. From large hotels and office buildings to manufacturing plants and schools, Eastern Water and Health can tackle complex commercial water treatment needs with their heightened capabilities. The new regional presence and support infrastructure will allow them to take on larger-scale projects.

In conclusion, Eastern Water and Health is proud to invest in better serving the entire Treasure Coast community with this expansion. The company remains committed to its founding values of exceptional customer service, environmental protection, and empowering citizens with safe, clean water. Whether filtering a single faucet or an entire municipal system, their mission is to help every resident enjoy the full health and economic benefits that come from optimizing water quality. Eastern Water and Health looks forward to many more years of partnership with households, organizations and municipalities across the Treasure Coast region.

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