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WPB Launches New Transit Pilot Program

WPB Launches New Transit Pilot Program

WPB Launches New Transit Pilot Program

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August 15, 2023


Diane G. Papadakos, Director of Communications
City of West Palm Beach – Mayor’s Office
(561)  822-1411 (TTY: 800-955-8771)

Alana Wortsman, Public Partnerships Manager
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West Palm Beach Launches New Transit Pilot Program
Serving Downtown West Palm Beach and new extended coverage area and routes with Circuit

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – The City of West Palm Beach is launching a new citywide transit pilot program, called rideWPB, to help run more efficient services for residents and visitors. The program will be free and introduce new types of vehicles, routes, and expanding coverage area to improve mobility equity for all in the City. 

The previous yellow and green trolley routes are now combined to provide a more efficient route called the “Yellow Line”, which uses ADA-accessible all-electric vans. The blue route will be an extension of the on-demand services (for more information please visit Circuit will operate both the fixed route Yellow Line and the on-demand Blue Route.

Circuit has been running a successful on-demand shuttle service using GEM vehicles, moving over 13,000 monthly riders in the City of West Palm Beach, in partnership with the WPB DDA and Brightline. Additional services are provided by The Ben and Hilton Hotel.

The Circuit WPB DDA program, established in September 2021 has been widely utilized since inception, leading to a reduction of approximately 70 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Participation by the local businesses, WPBGo and Brightline has helped add capacity to the busy services, leading to continued growth in ridership and a bigger impact for the community.  

Due to the program’s success, the City of West Palm Beach ( is contributing to the on-demand services by adding five additional Circuit vehicles (Teslas and GEM vehicles). The additional vehicles and expanded coverage area are welcome additions for the growing riderbase. 

More drivers will be added too. The existing services have already helped create 42 jobs for residents as managers, supervisors and drivers/ambassadors.  

ROSE Partnership

The rideWPB fixed-route service started in June 2023 using 2 Ford E-Transit Vans, and the extension of on-demand services will launch in July 2023. The pilot program will expand on-demand services that currently exist in downtown and to and from the Town of Palm Beach to additional neighborhoods, including the Historic Northwest, Northwood, Pleasant City, South Dixie Hwy, and the Jefferson Terminal District. 

There are three ways to catch a ride:  

  • Use the “Ride Circuit” App for on-demand service within the on-demand shuttle service area to alert a fleet driver to come pick you up (recommended option for on-demand) 
  • If using the fixed route service (VANS ONLY), visit any of the fixed route stops for service
  • When available, you can also wave one of the on-demand shuttles down or ask a nearby driver. 

Circuit and the City of West Palm Beach’s rideWPB program aims at reducing emissions by using electric vehicles and pooling riders, expanding access with free fares, bridging gaps to existing transit, helping to create new jobs, and promoting economic activity.

The rideWPB fixed-route services (VANS) are available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturday through Sunday from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. The vans will run every 15 minutes. To see the full list of stops, visit

Existing Circuit coverage with the WPB DDA on-demand service hours can be found by visiting the website at

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About Circuit

Circuit is an innovative electric shuttle company, dedicated to making communities more sustainable, livable, and connected. Operating in NY, NJ, FL, CA, MA, and TX, Circuit offers on-demand solutions that have provided over 6 million eco-friendly rides without traveling more than a few miles. Addressing the vital first/last-mile gap, Circuit bridges urban connectivity divides through partnerships with municipalities, developers, and advertising partners. The service enhances local jobs, community engagement, and brand connections, all while reducing congestion. Discover more and learn how to catch a ride at, where innovation and sustainability converge to redefine the last mile.

About the City of West Palm Beach:
The City of West Palm Beach is a vibrant and dynamic City located on Florida’s Atlantic coast. With a rich history, a thriving arts and cultural scene, and a commitment to sustainability, the City of West Palm Beach is a great place to live, work, and play. As one of the three largest cities making up the South Florida region, and the central City of Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach is a vibrant, growing, waterfront City that offers the business advantages available in the region, combined with a more refined and relaxed environment for living and working. To learn more about the City of West Palm Beach, visit us on our official website, or follow us on our social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Linked-in.

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