Next-Gen Family Care: Tuktu Care Unveils Canada’s First AI-Powered, On-Demand Community Care Platform, now in Ontario

Next-Gen Family Care: Tuktu Care Unveils Canada’s First AI-Powered, On-Demand Community Care Platform, now in Ontario

Next-Gen Family Care: Tuktu Care Unveils Canada’s First AI-Powered, On-Demand Community Care Platform, now in Ontario

Next-Gen Family Care: Tuktu Care Unveils Canada’s First AI-Powered, On-Demand Community Care Platform, now in Ontario

Canada’s first AI-driven on-demand community care platform

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We are a group of product builders, business leaders and care specialists who want to change how we care and bring people closer!

Tuktu Care pioneers AI-driven matchmaking for personalized, cost-effective family care in Ontario, transforming the care industry.

At Tuktu Care, we’re reshaping how families access essential care. It’s not just a service, it’s about choice, reliability, and understanding. Together, we’re restoring community support in Canada.”

— Laurie Lathem, VP, Growth at Tuktu Care

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 15, 2024 / — Tuktu Care Inc., a pioneering community-powered care provider, is excited to announce its upcoming expansion to Ontario Today. This marks Canada’s first on-demand AI-driven, community-powered care platform.

This significant step follows a successful operation in British Columbia and Alberta, serving over 2000 customers and collaborating with 400+ providers, marking this expansion an important milestone.

Tuktu offers a simple, secure mobile app and web interface that effortlessly connects care recipients like seniors, new moms, people with special needs and other vulnerable groups with trusted, local helpers on-demand, wherever and whenever needed, at a fraction of the cost of traditional care options. Powered by advanced AI technology, the platform offers personalized support and enhanced convenience, setting a new standard in the care industry.

Tuktu Care’s launch in Ontario comes at a crucial time. The province is home to 55% of Canada’s elderly, creating a huge need for flexible and effective care solutions. Despite more jobs in healthcare, there aren’t enough workers to meet the needs of our aging population [1]. Many families also live too far away to look after their loved ones easily. Traditional care options are expensive and inflexible, leaving families with tough choices.

Experts warn that Canada’s healthcare system isn’t ready for the challenges of an aging population, predicting a crisis without new, innovative approaches [2]. The healthcare workforce is already stretched thin, facing more patients and complex needs than ever before. This problem is made worse by a nationwide shortage of workers, especially in jobs important for care. This situation highlights the urgent need for solutions like Tuktu Care in Ontario and across Canada.

Tuktu Care’s launch in Ontario represents a forward-thinking solution to these multifaceted challenges. By harnessing technology to offer personalized, on-demand care services, Tuktu Care introduces a scalable, cost-effective alternative to traditional care models. This platform not only relieves the burden on overworked healthcare professionals but also addresses the economic and logistical hurdles that have long plagued the industry. With its ability to tailor services to the unique needs of each individual, Tuktu Care promises to enhance the quality of life for Ontario’s aging residents, ensuring care is more accessible, flexible, and responsive to the diverse needs of the population.

The essence of Tuktu Care lies in its innovative approach to matching care recipients with tailored services. Through intelligent matchmaking algorithms, Tuktu’s platform considers various factors such as demographic details, language proficiency, and cultural nuances. This ensures users are connected with caregivers who understand and respect their individual preferences and needs.

The result? A personalized care experience that fosters a sense of choice, reliability, and trust. From providing friendly companions to offering essential support from personal care workers, efficient housekeepers, smart personal shoppers, caring travel companions, and talented kitchen assistants, Tuktu Care’s diverse range of services caters to the multifaceted needs of families across Ontario.

Often referred to as the “Uber of home care,” Tuktu is known for its simplicity and user-friendly design, thoughtfully designed with family caregivers, nurses, and social workers in mind. The company aims to complement and enhance the industry’s growth. Tuktu embraces a collaborative ethos, eagerly partnering with home care agencies, care homes, hospitals, and social workers to leverage its technology and support the existing workforce with on-demand caregivers.

Media representatives are cordially invited to attend Tuktu Care’s highly anticipated launch event on February 29, 2024. Here, Tuktu’s Vice President of Growth will shed light on the company’s mission, vision, and expansion plans. For event registration, please email by February 22nd to [email protected].

In addition to its innovative matchmaking technology, Tuktu Care is to unveil an AI-powered holistic risk assessment tool. This innovation represents a global first in the care industry, enabling family members to remotely monitor and address critical health risks such as falls, cognitive decline, and loneliness in their loved ones. By seamlessly blending technology with compassionate care, Tuktu Care aims to bring a shift in the way we care for our families.

“At Tuktu Care, we believe in redefining the way families access essential care services,” says Laurie Lathem, Vice President of Growth at Tuktu Care Inc. “Our platform is more than just a service – it’s a commitment to providing choice, reliability, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of our users. We are bringing back the feeling of community support to Canada.”

As Tuktu Care sets its sights on Ontario starting with Greater Toronto, excitement fills the air. With a commitment to innovation and improving family well-being, there seems to be a promising turn for caregiving.

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About Tuktu Care Inc.:

Tuktu Care Inc. is an AI-driven, community-powered care provider committed to transforming the way families access essential care services. The platform matches the care recipients with local, trusted helpers around their loved ones for essential care, running errands, or genuine companionship. With a focus on choice, reliability, and personalized support, Tuktu Care’s innovative platform leverages intelligent matchmaking to ensure on-demand availability tailored to the unique needs of care recipients. For more information, visit

[1]. Quality of employment and labour market dynamics in the health care sector. Statistics Canada.
[2]. Aging in Canada: Is our health-care system ready? CTV News.

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