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Coach and Speaker Sonna Johns of Sonna Life to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Coach and Speaker Sonna Johns of Sonna Life to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Coach and Speaker Sonna Johns of Sonna Life to be Featured on Close Up Radio

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2023 / — Sonna Johns is a Life Coach who reminds clients, primarily women, that we have to go through the storms to discover the rainbow. There are two reasons for that: one being her own transformation the evolved from her struggles, and also that the most difficult people and situations that we come upon in our lives are the lessons that shape our future path and teach us how to embody our authentic self.

Sonna’s past careers include being a spokesmodel for many well-known names, such as the giant COMCAST for whom she did and exclusive national television campaign; corporate training and workshop facilitation; executive sales and being a wife and mother. About nine years ago, she made a conscious choice to focus on her life passion—helping others discover their inner power and abilities, and learn to live a life of happiness, positivity, and abundance. She has been an Empowerment Coach and speaker ever since, with much of her work accomplished on Zoom during the COVID days (and as much in person as she can do nowadays.) One of Sonna’s virtual experiences is a brand-new radio show on the Voice America Live Talk Radio Network. Sonna is also bringing her expertise and powerful self-love message to Close Up Radio this fall.

“When we are in connection to ourselves, mind, body and soul, we develop a deep sense of self love and acceptance. Then we are able to navigate daily challenges with more ease and attract good things to our energy field. We then allow miracles to manifest.”

This is how Sonna describes the lifestyle her clients live — a state of high vibration and positive energy, with balanced priorities; a lifestyle that is beneficial to them and everyone around them. She named her business and website Sonna Life, because it is a whole new way of living; one that keeps us learning and evolving on our transformational and empowerment journey. Creating such change for the better is also a lifestyle, because it involves daily practice and self-commitment, which creates enhanced confidence and self-esteem..

Sonna explains some of her self-prioritization and self-love techniques in her new broadcasts. She blends life lessons with spiritual development principles and modalities like meditation and self-compassion. Her coaching also involves principal concepts of love, compassion, and listening to your inner voice. Living a more empowered life is about how we show up for ourselves and others, particularly being our best self.

By coming to new media, Sonna hopes to reach a larger audience and raise awareness on a grander scale. She hopes to work with more women, some men, and even corporations who are open to a heart-centered authentic approach. Who knows what kind of global change she could create for humanity as we all listen, evolve, and go forward from a truthful and more loving place?

Close Up Radio will feature Sonna Johns in an interview with host Jim Masters on Monday, November 6th at 1:00pm EST.

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Coach and Speaker Sonna Johns of Sonna Life to be Featured on Close Up Radio

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