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Senior judges seek service renewal

Senior judges seek service renewal

Senior judges seek service renewal

Senior judges seek service renewal

Florida courtsThe following senior judges’ current service will expire on September 30 and they are seeking service renewal. Any persons having knowledge bearing upon the fitness or qualifications of any of the senior judges on this list to continue service as a senior judge should send, on or before March 31, written comments to John A. Tomasino, Clerk, Florida Supreme Court, 500 South Duval Street, Tallahassee 32399, or by email to [email protected].

Review Board One:  Robert Bo Bayer, Dedee S. Costello, Aymer L. Curtin, Charles A. Francis, William L. Gary, Patricia S. Grinsted, Jack R. Heflin, Frederick L. Koberlein, Sr., W. Howard LaPorte, James Patrick Nilon, George S. Reynolds III, David Rimmer, Phyllis M. Rosier, Peter K. Sieg, William R. Slaughter II, and Terry D. Terrell.

 Review Board Two:  William Douglas Baird, James M. Barton II, James R. Case, Martha J. Cook, David A. Demers, James V. Dominguez, Peter A. Dubensky, Gaston J. Fernandez, Marion L. Fleming, Raymond O. Gross, Karl B. Grube, Lee E. Haworth, Myriam Irizarry, Stanley R. Mills, Joelle Ann Ober, James S. Parker, Frank Quesada, and Susan Sexton.

 Review Board Three:  Stanford Blake, Gerald D. Hubbart, Lester Langer, Jeffrey Rosinek, Arthur L. Rothenberg, Judith K. Rubenstein, Lawrence A. Schwartz, Victoria S. Sigler, Roger A. Silver, and Sandra Taylor.

Review Board Four:  Barry M. Cohen, Roger B. Colton, Richard D. Eade, Leon M. Firtel, Jane D. Fishman, Lisa Gail Flanigan, Susan Lebow, John C. Lenderman, Robert Makemson, Sandra K. McSorley, Joseph A. Murphy III, Richard L. Oftedal, Robert Lee Pegg, and Mark A. Speiser.

Review Board Five:  Aaron K. Bowden, Hugh A. Carithers, Mallory D. Cooper, Peter L. Dearing, Alan A. Dickey, Robert M. Foster, H. Pope Hamrick, Jr., R. Michael Hutcheson, Lawrence V. Johnston III, Sandy Karlan, Frances S. King, George W. Maxwell III, Daniel B. Merritt, Sr., Victor J. Musleh, Willard Ira Pope, Robert K. Rouse, Jr., Bernard S. Shapiro, C. McFerrin Smith III, A. C. Soud, Jr., Hale Ralph Stancil, John W. Watson III, Michael R. Weatherby, and Daniel F. Wilensky.

Review Board Six:  Barry W. Bennett, Deb S. Blechman, Jerry L. Brewer, Theotis Bronson, Timothy Coon, Daniel P. Dawson, Julian D. Durrance, Carolyn B. Freeman, Ronald A. Herring, John Marshall Kest, Sally D. M. Kest, Lawrence R. Kirkwood, Marc L. Lubet, Dennis P. Maloney,  Roger J. McDonald, W. Michael Miller, Donald A. Myers, Jr., Richard G. Prince, Thomas S. Reese, Olin W. Shinholser, Emerson R. Thompson, Jr., Thomas W. Turner, and Sherra Winesett.

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