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What It's Like Living in Tampa Bay, Florida

My family and I have lived in Tampa Bay, Florida for more than a decade. In this video, my husband and I talk about what it’s like to live in Florida, our favorite places to visit, the best local attractions, and answer your questions about the heat, humidity, alligators, hurricanes and more.
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00:00-01:33 Into – how long we’ve lived here and how we came to FL
01:34 Life in Florida, living regular life here, where we vacation
02:38 Some of our favorite things about Florida, describing the Tampa Bay area
07:05 What’s the best time of year to visit Florida?
07:35 Summers in FL (weather, heat, rain)
09:29 How we deal with heat and humidity?
11:21 Weather the rest of the year
16:33 Hurricanes
21:07 Gulf of Mexico vs east coast of FL
23:32 Main Attractions of Tampa Bay
26:05 Downtown areas of Tampa Bay
29:16 Bugs, Snakes, Alligators
32:43 What’s a good area to buy a house?
35:18 Schools
37:29 Churches

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