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Genie Tower, Launch Consulting’s New VP of Global Recruiting –

Genie Tower, Launch Consulting’s New VP of Global Recruiting –
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Professional matchmaking takes creativity, integrity, thought diversity, global reach–and a love of the game.

We want to find those who challenge our thought processes, because that will make us better. I want to hire people who help others think differently—boldly.”

— Genie Tower

BELLEVUE, WA, USA, March 10, 2022 / — Launch Consulting celebrates Senior Partner Genie Tower’s promotion to Vice President of Global Recruiting.

Genie, who oversees Launch’s national Role-Based Consulting division, now expands her role to global resource management. She will direct international talent expansion, extending Launch’s service area to new regions and drawing from a global pool of skilled technologists. “How great it is,” Genie contends, “to be able to help expand, to provide more opportunity and more options for people… Our goal is to be a world-class employer that creates greater opportunity for our people everywhere.”

This is an especially poignant goal during the Great Resignation, when many, many people are leaving jobs to look for a better fit. Competing for talented technologists is a stressor for hiring managers everywhere—but Genie sees it as an exciting challenge. It’s an opportunity, she feels, to find work homes for all those people who don’t want to settle.

Launch, a consulting firm headquartered in Bellevue, helps large and scaling companies navigate digital transformation with confidence. To accomplish this, the company builds dynamic project teams that aren’t just technically skilled, but a cultural fit with their clients as well. And they maintain that high standard largely thanks to Genie’s leadership.

“Genie is at the center of everything Launch. Her passion towards our people is second to none, and is represented through her unwavering commitment and servant leadership. As Launch focuses on increasing our global footprint, I’m excited both for Genie and everyone impacted as she leads our expansion into new regions of the world in her new role as VP of Global Recruiting.” Heinrich Montana, CEO, Launch

Over the last 32 years, Genie has played nearly every position in the recruiting and administration business. Originally concerned about what she saw as “the impersonal numbers game” of staffing, she soon discovered a passion—and remarkable talent—for connecting with people on a personal level that translated to a successful hire for employee and client alike. From then on, she was unstoppable, earning national recognition for her success in recruiting.

Genie attributes her success to a genuine interest in the people she works with: “I get to play matchmaker. I get to learn about people, and care about them, and finding them a place [becomes] personal for me.”

“Genie’s sincere enthusiasm for Launch and our employees is a quality that cannot be faked. She is an authentic and relentless cheerleader for every individual accomplishment and for our brand and services.” – Charlene Coleman, Senior Managing Partner at Launch


Genie is well known for being a problem solver. She’ll be the first to tell you that her whole job is to remove roadblocks so that clients receive a seamless project experience when hiring a team. As a result, she’s not afraid to lean into difficult conversations and tricky HR issues.

“I can go on for miles about Genie’s leadership and what makes her great,” attests Charlene Coleman. “She’s the first to give credit for accomplishments and to acknowledge mistakes. Her great communication skills serve to motivate, coach, and course correct at scale. As a leader in our Compliance organization, Genie has always led Launch leaders and employees to do what is right in contracts, security and safety. This demonstration of her integrity has built trust with employees, leaders, clients and partners.”


One of Genie’s proudest accomplishments at Launch is the development of the Consulting Success Manager (CSM) team, charged with ensuring that whether an employee is onsite, remote, or full-time at a client’s office, they feel valued and connected to the rest of the company.

“I think we’ve all had that one job where it was just a horrible experience and we dreaded getting up in the morning and going to work,” she said. “A lot of companies in our industry miss the important of the [relationship-building] process. There is nothing worse than looking for a job and falling into a big black hole of feeling forgotten.”

Under the stewardship of Genie and the CSM team, employee and consultant sentiment has greatly improved—and they’re always looking for new ways to make working at Launch a fantastic experience. If Genie had it her way, everyone would retire with Launch. But for those who don’t, she’s spearheading a new project with the aim of keeping all these amazing people connected: the rapidly growing Launch Alumni Network.

“I have worked with Genie for 10+ years. She is truly the heart and soul of the organization and is one of the most passionate and caring people I have ever been lucky enough to work with. Genie is always willing to make time to help anyone in need and always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone around her is taken care of and is supported, both professionally and personally.” – Kyle Katt, CXO at Launch


This year and going forward, Genie’s focus is on finding, hiring, and retaining diverse, dynamic experts who thrive when given the space to make bold decisions. Pursuant to that objective, she’s challenging other leaders to hire for growth, not comfort. In her words: “We want to find those who challenge our thought processes, because that will make us better. I want to hire people who help others think differently—boldly.”

And what does “bold” mean to Genie? Find out in our full interview with her here.

During the Great Resignation and beyond, it’s vital to find a creative recruiting partner that understands people’s needs, small and great, and intuitively knows how to build and match an effective team. With Genie at the helm for Launch’s global resource management division, success is inevitable.


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