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Columbus, OH - Despite a bad economy, grant-making organizations have continued to allocate more funding to women this year and for 2010. Grants are often used by women to start or expand a business, attend college, pay off loans, and/or launch a non-profit organization to help other women.

Big organizations, such as the American Association of University Women (www.aauw.org), are already making their 2010 applications available for interested ones to apply for fellowships, career development grants, and community action grants.

Others include the Association For Women In Mathematics (www.awm-math.org) - who are giving away thousands in travel grants for women to do research; the Moms In Business Network (www.mibn.org) - who are giving away grants for women to start businesses; and WebMomz (www.webmomz.com), who also are giving away business grants.

Even the Verizon Foundation (foundation.verizon.com) is looking to donate more grant money to women who are victims of domestic violence.

However it's allocated, the millions of dollars in grant money available each year for women are investments in the talent, creativity, intellect and determination shown by them in various industries and fields of study. Women are huge contributors to the economy, the workforce, entrepreneurship, and to the development and management of non-profit organizations.

Such grants empower women in many different ways, and have proven to be extremely successful. As a result, every year, more and more opportunities appear for women from new organizations, government agencies, and corporations wanting to get involved.

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