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The Tom Joyner Foundation, Inc. and Amber Books Publishing Presents "How to" Guide That Helps Parents and Kids, and Offers Step-By-Step Advice

National (BlackNews.com) - Tom Joyner, the nationally syndicated media personality and philanthropist, has released a new book to help students prepare for college.

The book, Tom Joyner Presents How To Prepare for College, is filled with easy to read, easy to understand lessons that can help make the path to college a little easier.

"What I like about this book is that it shows you the steps you need to take to get into college and it applies to everyone. Everything from raising a college-bound student to life after college is covered. Whether you're a child in elementary school or an adult in the work force considering enrolling in a college or university, this book has something you can use."

Written by Thomas LaVeist and Wil LaVeist, the title Tom Joyner Presents How To Prepare For College has a foreword by Joyner and is published by Joyner's Foundation and Amber books. The book will be available to Individuals, High Schools, Libraries, Non-Profits, Organizations, Businesses and your local Community Bookstore. Order now through www.amberbooks.com and www.ipgbook.com. Chain stores (Barnes and Noble, Borders, Walmart, Sams, etc.), can make special orders through Independent Publishers Group until September 2009, when the title will be officially released (published) nationwide.

The book features useful advise on several subjects, including:

* A step-by-step guide for elementary school and beyond
* Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) v. non-HBCU: Which is right for me
* The Admission Process
* Paying for tuition
* The Financial aid process
* Financial aid myths
* Staying in college
* Preparing for life after college
* Giving Back
* A list of HBCU's
* Useful websites/organizations for scholarships/grants

Tom Joyner's morning show is heard in more than 115 markets by nearly eight million listeners each week. His website www.BlackAmericaWeb.com has more than 1.5 million registered users and features news with special reports by award-winning journalists and exclusive political coverage as well as interactive elements with on demand audio.

The Tom Joyner FoundationŽ provides financial assistance to students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Since 1998, The Tom Joyner Foundation has raised more than $55 Million Dollars to help students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities stay in school. The Tom Joyner Foundation also hosts an annual cruise named the Fantastic Voyage which raises money for the HBCUs.

As Tom Joyner, Jr., the Foundation's President/CEO, stated, "The Tom Joyner Foundation only does one thing...It helps students continue their education at Black Colleges. All too often a student will get into college, and then encounter financial difficulties that will force them to drop out. The Foundation provides money directly to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) for the purpose of helping these students stay in college."

Tony Rose, Publisher/CEO, of Phoenix, AZ based Amber Communications Group, Inc. (ACGI) and the Executive Director of The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America began Quality Press in 2000 in order to accommodate authors who wished to self-publish their books. Amber Books Publishing, the corporation's first imprint, was founded in 1998 and has become established as the nation's largest African-American publisher of self-help and career-guide book titles written by and for African Americans. Mr. Rose responded to the needs of the growing market of self-publishers and placed the Quality Press division under the direction of Yvonne Rose, who is also an Associate Publisher for Amber Books and Director of Quality Press.

Yvonne Rose stated, "We are delighted with the opportunity and pleased that the Tom Joyner Foundation, Inc. has selected Quality Press, Amber Books and Independent Publishers Group to handle the production, manufacturing, publishing and distribution of their new literary venture Tom Joyner Presents How To Prepare For College."

Help a Student Stay in School:
Mail Checks or Money Orders
to the
Tom Joyner Foundation,
13760 Noel Road, Suite 750, Dallas, TX 75250

To learn more about the Tom Joyner Foundation visit: http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=tjfoundation

For further information, sales and Bulk Sales of the title Tom Joyner Presents How To Prepare For College to High Schools, Libraries, Organizations, Businesses, Non-Profits and Individuals contact: Amber Communications Group, Inc. at amberbk@aol.com, www.amberbooks.com or call 1-866-566-3144.

Bookstores / Libraries / Wholesalers / Distributors / Trade and International Orders, contact: Independent Publishers Group (IPG), 814 North Franklin Street, Chicago, IL 60610 - 312-337-0747 or 1-800-888-4741 to order Tom Joyner Presents How To Prepare For College and all Amber Books and Colossus Books. www.ipgbook.com

ISBN # 978-0-615-27097-5 / $15.00 / 144 Pages / Trade Paperback / Photos


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