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The Bahamas gets Jamaican Remittance link 

Leesa Kow, General Manager,
 JN Money Services Limited

JN Money Services Limited (JNMS), the remittance and bill payment services arm of the Jamaica National Building Society, has entered into an exclusive Agent relationship with the Bahamas-owned Bramer Money Transfers (BMT), which trades as Cash N’ Go. BMT is the remittance and bill payment service arm of the BAF Global Group Limited.   

The partnership will allow Cash N’ Go customers in the Bahamas, with business or family connections in Jamaica, to access JN Money Transfer services in Bahamas’ major commercial zones to send and receive money; make bill payments and transfer funds to accounts held in financial institutions in Jamaica; as well access mobile phone top-up services. The alliance came into effect on November 21.  

“This will provide JN Money Transfer’s full services throughout Cash N’ Go money stores in the Bahamas,” Leesa Kow, General Manager of JNMS said, emphasising that, “This is a testament to our commitment to eliminate the financial connectivity gaps between citizens in Caribbean countries.  

The JN Money Services General Manager maintained that there is a growing number of Jamaicans residing in the Bahamas, as well as local entrepreneurs who do business in Jamaica, and across the Caribbean, who are demanding “real time money transmission services; therefore, we were encouraged to offer our full-services in the Bahamas.”  

Cash N’ Go is available in three locations in Nassau at Bay Street, Rosetta Street and Carmichael Road; as well as, in Freeport, on Queen’s Highway; and Georgetown in Exuma and a new location will be opened in Marsh Harbour, Abaco.  

In addition to remittances, Cash N’ Go accommodates airline ticket purchases; school fee advance and offers BAF and Bramer Insurance Premuims, BTC Mobile Pins, Eztop up, among other financial products and services. 

“Our partnership with one of Bahamas’ oldest and most respected insurance and financial services provider is an excellent example of how Caribbean companies can develop synergies to deliver robust financial services, which meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of our people,” she said.  

Wentworth Musgrove, General Manager, Cash N Go concurred that “the partnership created valuable opportunities for both companies to explore and develop products to meet the evolving needs of Caribbean peoples.”  

“Our customers, particularly those with connections to Jamaica, will be pleased that they now have access to a money services brand which they know to be reliable and convenient,” Mr. Musgrove said. “Therefore, we welcome this arrangement with JN Money Transfer which sets the pace for the development of other tangible benefits that will enhance our financial services.”         

Pointing to the on-going CARICOM drive for regional integration, Miss Kow declared, “The Caribbean is our home, and if we are serious about regional integration then we must provide the services, which are Caribbean-owned and operated, to facilitate the intra-regional trade and investment being driven by CARICOM,” she said noting that there was need for broad-based financial services to stimulate intra-regional development. 

JN Money Services Limited based in Kingston, Jamaica, markets its services under the JN Money Transfer brand, in several other Caribbean countries, including The Cayman Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Dominica. The company also has an expansive and growing operation in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, and recently re-banded its Agency operation in Accra, Ghana.


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