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This week at Hopie’s Juice Club
20295 NW 2nd Ave Suite 100
Miami Gardens Florida 33169
 Phone 786-337-5965

Next Meeting of the Club: Saturday January 8, 2011
10: 00 AM – 2:00 PM

The main topic will be
“Do you know what you look like on the inside?”

We’ll be looking at the digestive organs and system and talking about what makes them work in good health. Come with your questions and ideas. Non-Members $5 ***Members - Free


Take the Archaea Active Beverage Challenge
 for 12 days

1.       Pick up a case of the Archaea Active Beverage from us;

2.       Get the information about what’s in it, and why they are important for health;

3.       Complete a report card on yourself before you begin enjoying the beverage(see below)

4.       Drink one bottle on rising (before brushing the teeth: internal shower) and one at a later time in the day.

*Complete the survey again after 12 days.

Should you care to share; let us know what if anything changed for you.


On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest)

1] My energy level is high ____________

2] I have no gas or bloating after I eat _________

3] I sleep well ____________

4] I am not constipated _____________

(i.e. less than 2 bowel movements per day is constipation)

5] I don’t have headaches ______________

6] I drink half of my body weight in ounces of water each day ____________

7] I am interested in changing my lifestyle?_________________


Stressed out and Challenged?

If you are going through stressful changes now; but who isn’t? The power is to know that challenges are the tools to help you come up higher in every way.

Here is a video from Sam Crowley: Listen, enjoy and get the message!



Sunday January 9, 2011

Unity Advanced Ministry: 11:00 AM till 2:00 Including Lunch

Rev. Michael Smith has been our spiritual leader for the last 2 years. I am thankful to have been receiving his messages of spiritual education. I have taken them all to heart. May his soul rest in peace and may light eternal shine upon his family and loved ones. He is missed by all of us. But we know there is no death for those who understand and are following the path of life eternal.

I will be speaking this Sunday on the topic of “Happy New You”. With the support of Rev. Veda Chuck, Unity Minister, we will be doing a Burning Bowl Ceremony as we consciously discard those things that have not served us well in the past, and make plans to move ours souls into …more stately mansions”; Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Join us.

Carol Hope,Director, Unity Advanced Ministry





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