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Free!  Body Mass Index Check
For Obese Children  

(Ft. Lauderdale, FL) Is your child overweight? Has obesity changed your child’s behavior? Are they picked on more? Do they resist going to school because they are ashamed of how they look? Abundant Life Health and Fitness Center offers Saturday Pride Building Program For Kids, targeting obese children and their parents. 

The effects of obesity spills over onto parents through shame, frustration and sometimes the helplessness of trying to modify a child’s eating habits both at home and school. There is no doubt, unless the parent steps up to take control, the child will go on wallowing in this world, trapped in the fat of their body leading to more health problems.   

Research and statistics show that one out of three children is overweight, with health problems on the rise. Food in the hand of a child with no self-control is like handing a child a loaded gun. Because children learn their eating habits from their parents, changing those behaviors start with the parent (s) making this life saving decision on behalf of the child. 

Abundant Life Health to host The Pride Building Program For Kids, involving parent-child participation.

The program will address: eating habits, nutrition, food prep, calorie counting, reading labels, choosing healthy snacks, exercise, attitude adjustments, etc.  

“At Abundant Life Health we want to do our share. Obesity in our children has grown to be a problem and a concern. Our first lady, Michelle Obama has decided to continue to push for change in our children’s health.

After all, they are our future,” states Dr. Vera Stevens, CEO of Abundant Life Health.  

Parents are invited to take the first step by getting a FREE Body Mass Index Check. A Body Mass Index check measures someone's weight in relation to the height, to determine the appropriate weight. Please call for an appointment.  

For more details on location, dates and times, please contact Dr. Vera Stevens at 1-877-912-5433  

Or visit the web site at www.abundantlifehealth.com. Dr. Stevens is a Nurse, Certified Personal Trainer, Counselor, Certified Nutritionist and Aerobics Instructor.  

The organization is looking for volunteers to assist in carrying out its mission of health education to those who are less likely to seek it outside of an emergency.         


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